Snabb leverans / Säkra betalningar / Enkla returer

Vilija Lioranciene

Welcome to my page!

Born in Lithuania, graduated Vilnius Art Academy in 1989.

Since 2000 living and creating in Sweden. In Sweden, more famous as a representative of graphic art.

 According to art critics, I uses ornamenting but at the same time my engravings do not lose vitality, simplicity and elegance.

I create art in a little wooden studio surrounded by nature. I am most inspired by shapes all around: flowers, leaves, shells, wasp nests, and rocks. With each piece of my work, I try to convey the love of nature's mystery.

I began sculpting in the early '90s but have since embraced a more open-minded approach to art inspired by Japanese philosophy. Now, you'll find a variety of artworks here, from paintings and sculptures to watercolors, illustrations, and even coffee cups.

I believe visual art is the most approachable form of expression. It speaks quietly, leaving interpretation to the viewer. Whether you like it or choose to look away, the choice is yours.