Cardinal Poppy

An eye-catching Cardinal Poppy for your home or garden. Crafted from stoneware which makes this sculpture frost-resistant. This bright poppy offers a tasteful splash of colour indoors or outdoors. Sculpture made by hand has unique qualities that can never be reproduced in mass production. The inspiration for the bright Cardinal red with the sturdy, solid […]

Curious Robin

The days are dark, cold and sometimes lonely in winter. The greyness outside and in my heart made me naturally look for bright colours, to shine as a glimmer of hope. This is how this curious and dextrous robin was born.This sculpture is truly one of a kind. It is made from stoneware which makes […]

”Hope” porcalain vas

14 x 22.5 cm Limited Edition
”Hope” is one of a kind, unique porcelain vase. Inspiration to create it came from poppies, flowers of hope for a peaceful future.The minimalist vase combines graphics and sculpture. It was created by painting the brittle porcelain vase with shellac solution and carefully washing it out. This technique allows to achieve a gently textured surface […]

round shapes

The light of white porcelain
I am inspired by the round shapes of nature: flowers, shells, wasp nests. the rotating motion that moves thoughts from small shapes to the galaxy. The light of white porcelain, I hope convey the love of nature’s mystery.

Vem äger luften på skolgården?

En konversation om offentlig konst och pedagogik med fastighetsvärd.
Hej ! Beträffande klottret på atriumgården är det helt oacceptabelt och måste bort! -I vårt uppdrag ingår att klottersanera inom 24 timmar -HusF har beställt  klottersanering till imorgon förmiddag 20190517. -Har ni sanerat själva innan dess meddela oss/mig. Återkoppla så snart som möjligt.     Med vänliga hälsningar Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Fastighetsvärd Direkt: 08-XXX XX XX Mobil: […]

Rainy Day in Berlin

Indeed it rained when we visit friends in Berlin last spring. But we had a nice time together and we did see what’s left of the Berlin Wall. This painting is a result of that short journey. When rain makes me happy!